7 Jul

Koolaid or technology??? That is the question.

A Key!


Let’s re-visit 2000 and the .com bubble.


Well, what do you know.  Seems like Media Fusion, LLC is doing new construction. Media Fusion, LLC’s President at the time was Edwin Gibb Blair and its Chairman and Chief Scientist was William “Luke” Stewart.  A Dallas, Texas start-up to use Broad Band Over Power Line technology to connect the many users of the early world-wide-web (“also known to the Media Fusion group as the “World-Wide-Wait”).  Anyway, Dallas, Texas and Media Fusion, LLC started quite a review of the value of capital assets. “telephony based assets”.

Here is a link to the original website hosted by weboutsourcing.  Thanks for keeping it alive for all these years.  I truly thank you.

The invention of Media Fusion’s Chief Scientist U.S. Patent 5,982,276 was first acclaimed and then Mr. William “Luke” Stewart found that the axiom that “No good deed goes unpunished!” seemed…

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One Response to “MEDIA FUSION, LLC (Hmmm.)”

  1. James H Graham March 2, 2014 at 1:26 am #

    Is Luke still around. I invested in this company way back when it was an infant. I so believed it would work. Seemed to cost a lot to prove it and those funds never came about. A loan secured by the patent was foreclosed and the fighting seemed to preclude any progress. Now I hold shares in two companies and the are worthless. It was one of those lessons learned when things don’t turn out the way you hoped. It was a high risk investment and this one failed. To bad. I had hoped to be part of the solution. Jim Graham, Woodbridge, VA

    -Yes I believe Luke is still around. see: It seems many companies and governments are using and citing his invention(s) that started before Media Fusion, LLC (Dallas, Texas). I believe that Mr. Stewart would thank you for your support. —

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