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Comcast turning home routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots

16 Jun

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — If you’re a Comcast cable customer, your home’s private Wi-Fi router is being turned into a public hotspot.

It’s potentially creepy and annoying.

But the upside is Internet everywhere.

It’s been one year since Comcast started its monster project to blanket residential and commercial areas with continuous Wi-Fi coverage.

Imagine waves of wireless Internet emitting from every home, business and public waiting area.

Comcast has been swapping out customers’ old routers with new ones capable of doubling as public hotspots. So far, the company has turned 3 million home devices into public ones.

By year’s end it plans to activate that feature on the other 5 million already installed.

Anyone with an Xfinity account can register their devices (laptop, tablet, phone) and the public network will always keep them registered, at a friend’s home, coffee shop or bus stop.

No more asking for your cousin’s…

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